Busy me

Uploaded some new illustrations on the site and updated my resume at the about me section. Also my store has moved to Big cartel so it's more automated with a shopping cart too.

Go see! :)

more said than done

3 weeks always sounds like a long time. my stay here is feeling more like a 2 week thing since the very next morning upon arrival, I caught a cold and quietly worrying that I could have swine flu. I didn't really get to enjoy myself nor be productive till a week later.

I still have so much to do art-wise but they'll get done.

I'm not dead

Got quite a bit of things to do. And will be doing a lot of it while overseas...It'll be just a change of scenery and more Chinese food.

I'm flying out for Hong Kong next monday to spend Thanksgiving and see my folks. While gone, the following should ensue after jetlag.

- Take care of my Chinese food cravings. (that's what every sibling does when we get home)
- Use dad's treadmill to keep the poundage at bay
- Do my concept design work
- Redesign website
- Sketch out some commercial art samples
- Draw more comic backlog
- Work on Christmas cards
- Bake mom a Chiffon cake (maybe do afternoon tea)
- more job hunting.

Looking forward to tonight, meet up with SVA peeps for dinner. :D

New York Anime Festival

I'll be at the Artist Alley with Lockett Down Productions (Table AA9). I'll have stickers, bookmarks, Cosplay badge commissions and of course my lovely table partner, Regine and I will have a lovely menu of homemade baked treats!

What's on the menu?

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin cookies
Chocolate Butter Cookies
Red Velvet sandwich cookies
Sugar "Power Stars"
Lemon "Question Boxes"
Maple Chiffon Cake
Orange Chiffon Cake
Japanese Cheesecake

I'll be MIA on Saturday due to a mandatory baby shower but do please come by and Regine will be happy to serve and take orders. :D


Man I really wished I could've pull a summer friday today. But my boss called in saying she wasn't coming in so I had to take over for the day. The place was rather deserted by 3pm but I had to stay in case I there's something that needs routing or any art for processing. NOPE! By 4:30 I decided to take off after a bathroom break and seeing that every main editor and director already left for the weekend!

Thumbnailed a few pages at work. Will be drawing those up this weekend and re-thumbnail my submission pages before getting out the bristol. Oh yeah and grayshading over a dozen pages. My eyes are gonna hate me for the intense staring at Photoshop.

Right now I'm debating should I make bulgogi stir-fried with zucchini or have last night's meatloaf with steamed veg for dinner.

Why have I been so tired lately? I oughta turn in earlier tonight, gym time tomorrow.
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reach for the Haagen Daaz

My boss has returned from her vacation. (yay) And I didn't screw anything up that was dire. I realized I miscounted the pagecount but it didn't really matter since she redid it anyway before the booksize meeting.

By Wednesday afternoon, like clockwork I wanted to double over from that dreaded time of the month. My boss gave me a spare hershey bar to get ease the cravings while I bombed myself with Advil. And stubbornly after work, I still went to the gym. When I got home, I was so glad that I still had that pint of Haagen Daaz ice-cream for a few spoons. I really really hope they make the limited edition dark chocolate part of the regular line up. They'll never have some of the fantastic flavors that London and Asia gets. I shake my fist at dad for getting me hooked on HD's Belgian chocolate (dark chocolate ice cream with dk chocolate shavings) when I was home last! grrr

I want it to be Friday afternoon already!

art zone

Wow, my art touch is a little rusty. The last couple nights I've been doing some sketching/doodling to warm up and spent post July 4th sleeping in and thumb-nailed 5 pages of HofLSD. I was in a bit of a rut figuring out a few things like the dialogue and moving the story along. I would've done more thumbnails if it weren't for that hurdle, but I'm over it and it shouldn't be too bad for the next few thumbnails.

I'd really like to just sit down and have a couple of live models pose for me so I can practice my life drawing/anatomy. No full mirror anymore makes it a bitch to even do a split-second reference. Whatever, my hand will get back into as long as I sketch/practice every night. Also back into the gym tomorrow since my boss will be back from vacation.
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OMG I'm a size 4 again! Now to keep it this way and flatten my tummy a just a bit more to expose my abs.

Gonna be making green tea cupcakes and tater salad for tomorrow's family BBQ. Hope the weather's gonna be kind so my sibs and I can play some badminton.

Mac is home and I brought home a slave(drive)

FINALLY my laptop is back at home and running oh so quietly! Of course I remembered to purchase a USB hub while I was there and I dropped a week's worth of interning on a 500G external harddrive. I should finally back up my stuff after this scare that my laptop would melt on me.

I'm now glad that I got home without any heavy rain happening. Took a shower and I really should go eat something. Office has been getting busier and I only had a bite from a sandwich before chucking it.
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