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New gig

I got hired officially yesterday for a 3-week (or so) freelance gig to do some illos for medical product instruction booklets. Yeah it doesn't sound thrilling but I'm REALLY happy about it! Firstly, it's a company that I had enjoyed working with and its location's really easy for me to get to. The bonus is I get to use that gigantic wacom monitor they have! It's great that I can use Illustrator's pen tool really freehand when I make the vector images if needed.

They and my boss over at my internship was flexible and talk about good timing! While waiting for the gig's confirmation, my boss remembered to discuss with me about her summer vacation plans and we needed to juggle some of my days around so I can be at the office every day she isn't. I was told to take a day out of a few weeks off and make them up during her trip. SO now, my client is happy to hear that I'll be at their studio for 3 consecutive days every week of the freelancing and my boss got her bases covered and things are dandy on this note.
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