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half day and matinee

Freelance ended early today due to finishing by lunch and sent off to clients for review. The coworker who worked on the same project, Alex notified our boss and we signed out for the day and caught a matinee of Star Trek. Truth be told, I didn't know much about the original show but recognizing enough of the characters, I still very much enjoyed the movie. And it is amusing seeing the casting of the young crew. Alex and I were like "Dude that's Syler from Heroes and Harold (of Harold and Kumar) is Zulu!" and were amused. He was even more so since he actually watched Star Trek.

Afterwards, we split ways while I did my workout, finally picked up the insect plant spray and new sports bras & pants. I splurged a little and picked up a couple of polo-collared tops. Came home and watched both of the CSI: Vegas and CSI:NY's season finale. Now I go get ready for bed and catch up on some shut eye.

That all-nighter with Jessie, Rags and Eddie in NYC on Saturday totally screwed up my sleep schedule. But it was worth it!
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