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french toast & light sabers

I'm back from my getaway trip and I had a great time all in all. Due to the Memorial day traffic, even though I took an earlier bus, I didn't arrive in PA for another hour. But luckily I saw Rags when the bus pulled up at the station and it was smooth from then on.

The following morning, Eddie drove into town and Rags, Jess and I all went to a fab kitschy place called Renee's cafe for brunch. Their french toast and omelette concoctions are totally worth traveling from NYC to a small town in PA for! From then we went to the Frank Frazzeta museum and it was AWESOME seeing the pretty paintings.

Most of the time, we hung out at the bar and on Saturday, I got talked into having one drink aside from my usual glass of water. It's called the Flaming Pumpkin (Eddie dubbed it the Green Goblin) and yes the flaming meant "on fire" and not "teh gay". It really did taste like pumpkin pie but sure enough, the alcohol heat switched on the Asian curse and I went red, got really warm and a headache. I downed a lot of ice water and luckily it didn't linger for too long. Also another new thing I got was a crash course on playing pool courtesy of Rags. I still suck but not as bad.

Sunday, it was once again brunch at Renee's! Afterwards, I joined Jess and Eddie for their star wars play date of having a light saber duel over at the open field at the of the block. I took some action shots while they fought and they eventually got me doing my first light saber fight. It was NERDY but real fun until the clouds parted and the sun made it waaaayy too muggy to continue. A few hours of nap time/watching History of the World Part 1 later, we got dinner and said goodbye to Eddie.

Today before heading back to NYC, Jess and I went to the mall to hang out and pick up a few things while giving Rags some guy time and get his last page drawn up. The bus ride I took was smooth and apparently missed the dreaded post holiday traffic and, I didn't have to wait long for a bus to take me back to Jersey either. I'm glad I made this trip and I hope to visit again sometime this summer.
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