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Green geek treats!

Yep I did. I actually made one of my DC theme cupcakes a reality! Since I kinda promised to bring baked goods when I finally go visit Eddie and finally get my tour of the DC office.... and that the biggest title they're working on/really marketing is the Green Lantern, I figure my Green Lantern cupcake will come first.

Both the cake and buttercream frosting is green tea flavored and yes I did individually pipe the candy logo.

I had a great time visiting the office and meeting the cool peeps who work there. And the cupcakes were a hit! A good number of the editorial department weren't very subtle about the hint for some red velvet (red rage lantern) cupcakes. XD I'll have to find out when I CAN stop by again and have time to bake. But hey the great thing is that I get to bake, have people I can give away/be taste testers and the overall look being approved by the DC people.
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