December 18th, 2006


20+ hours of flight

Close to Saturday at noon, my brother and I finally arrived back in Hong Kong for the holidays. My internet time is rather brief since there's no wireless at home and I'd have to compete with my brother for use of the PC anyway. Since I have a laptop and I'd like to get productive and not get cabin fever at home, I'm just gonna go with my dad to his office and use his wireless and the spare office room. Kinda get some sort of routine going and making sure my sleeping habits don't go wonky either.

I hope to be up and running before the day is over. Apparently the wireless password needed for me to get online might've been jotted down wrong by the computer guy so he's coming over to correct his oopsy.

Besides that, I've been finally brainstorming my next mini and other comics. hopefully I can get a chunk of comics thumbnailed and stuff before heading home. I don't have a lot of bristol so I might not even get to pencil stage. Art stores are funny around here. I've never seen prismacolor markers sold here nor do I see bristol pads. I hope it's not the case when I head over to Art Land next week.
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