January 18th, 2007


Trade Skills & Dust Bunnies

Since I'm in my aunt's place for the week, I finally started weeding out/reorganizing whatever stuff I own from college to keep the basement uncluttered as possible. I started on Tuesday right after breakfast (around 10am) till nearly 6pm. It's startling just how many stuffed toys I have collected since I started college.
I think I'm about 80-85% finished. I moved aside stuff I decided to hand down for my little brother's apartment, which includes a set of utensils, knives,dinner set, pots & pans, swiffer mop with wipes, my dustdevil, random kitchen/cleaning stuff and oven mitts. Mind as well that he makes some good use out of them.
I got a couple of smaller clear boxes and folders yesterday to neatly stash my art stuff in my room along with my old class handouts, collection of mini-comics, and smaller pieces of artwork. That's going to be my remaining 20%.

As for today, I'm going to sketch out next week's Lang Lang and hopefully can start thumbnailing some pages for my upcoming mini. I've also started forcing myself to learn Flash 8, I'm taking my time to digest what the hell the program's tutorial is talking about so it's not as painful. I remember the majority of the basics and drawing directing on the flash stage isn't too bad at all now that I have a competant wacom. I'm going to continue on with 1 or 2 more tutorials before "class" is dismissed for the day. I feel like the Golden Boy with his thirst for knowledge right now :D
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