May 15th, 2007


So close..

I'm just one lesson away from completing the pencils for my freelance close that I could almost taste it. It's one hurdle but it's one hell of a hurdle. In short, I'm a bit behind schedule but that's due to me being on an emotional roller coaster for about a week in my personal life. It's been a hard game of catch up but I'm doing it.

Also my mother and bunch of other relatives and family friends flew over from overseas and Canada. It's been a lot of going out to dine and stuff and though I've been fed rather well, my pants are starting to feel little tight again. I'm not sure whether I'm retaining water due to my recent high intakes of sodium/msg or packed on a few pounds or both. At least I'm not alone. My sister and brother in-law had to deal with this too. I bought some veggies and healthier alternatives to hopefully get myself back to somewhat normal. My friend Lily had me liking this simple salad of baby spinach, soft blue cheese and pears (OMG I don't like pears but I make this an execption) tossed with just extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper. And I hope to start getting myself back to doing some cardio too.
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