May 24th, 2007


Just waiting...

Early this week, I plowed through the pile of edits and approved pages for inking that I had to set aside to finish penciling the last 32 pages. I gave them a heads up to not expect edits and inks delivered till the the last of pencils are, and they were cool about it. Anyway, I went full speed ahead and cleared my plate. YAY for me! But sadly I'm being as efficient as possible to get things done before the 2nd deadline but my editors are dragging their feet. I had to email asking do they have more revisions or ink approval coming my way since time is running out and we're nowhere close to finishing. They responded but it's a little thing here or there and they send it at the the end of the day. Since yesterday I've been waking up regularly and be done with whatever I got trickling in finished and sent out before 2pm and just checking my email every hour. I'm worried that the quota won't be done by the deadline which either means I'll be groundpounded with way too much work at the last few days OR they extend the date. One thing though, I've been doing my part and I'm waiting on the company so I'm not to blame if we miss the deadline.
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