June 15th, 2007


Ho hum

I'm so not in the mood to concentrate at work today. I did some pages but I just couldn't get into the zone today. Blah it happens. Maybe it'll be better tomorrow. I can officially say my editors are complete morons with no sense of time. Work has jump started since my last post and currently I'm in the panic situation even though I'm not actually freaking out. I have about 1.5 months left to get this job done and thanks to my higher ups, it's looking like mission impossible. I'm kinda forcing myself to complete a couple pages during the weekends now which sucks. I'm not cranky but very jaded with this job and can't wait to finish. It's bad when you feel your right hand fingers going numb or stiff from using the mouse. My index finger was stiff from the constant left-clicking that when I accidently cracked that knuckle it was soo good.

Enough about work, I will be attending this years MoCCA artfest yay! I don't have a table but I'll be hanging about on Saturday with some minis to hand out. I'm so looking forward to see a lot of people from school.
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