June 25th, 2007



Although I only went on Saturday, it rocked my socks! I didn't get to make any of my new mini ideas or make more copies of my existing ones, but Yali being the doll she is, brought the leftover minis that I gave her last year so I had a few to hand out to people as a business sample or for people who I didn't get the chance to hand over because they graduated before me. ^^;

It was great catching up and hanging out with my teachers, classmates and friends old and new. It was like an SVA reunion but better. I chatted up with some really nice and cool companies and I can't wait to get some new stuff drawn up to upgrade my portfolio and pitch some projects. After the artfest closed for the day, a bunch of us went for 2 hours of karoke. As always, it was a deafening event of fun and laughs.

Next year I'm compensating with new minis and that's a promise!
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