July 23rd, 2007



I sooo did not want to get out of bed this morning. It was pouring rain outside, the apartment's nice and cool and I was cocooned in my blankets. *pout*

Taking a breather before I get back to finish coloring a page and to figure out lunch. I'm considering walking to the Chinese place nearby and get some beef n' broccoli. Of course knowing my luck, I'll walk out just when a passing-by heavy rain session starts. Nothing a hot shower couldn't fix of course.

If all goes well, I clear my work slate by tomorrow night and my editors haven't sent me more work. I'm taking Wednsday off and chill. Besides I promised to make a cake for Nico and Jack since they're moving *sob* and as much he's against the idea, it's also Jack's birthday. so he gets a birthday cake, I'll just keep the candles off. NYAH

Okies. Back to photoshop.
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