August 6th, 2007


Fantastick vs Speedball

Fantastik wins! Just as I sat down to type something here, my ink bottle toppled over! I really do not need to have ink stains on the desk. Luckily I was fast enough to absorb the majority of the inks and sprayed on a unforgiving dose of orange cleaner to wipe off the rest before it has the chance to leave a stain. muahahah!!!

I must be very bored at this moment to find this matter worth typing about.. oh wait I AM! And just before, I had a dinner consisting of a ripe peach and a glass of Ronnybrook chocolate milk is getting me that needed sugar high.

I REALLY REALLY want to make tomorrow a half day so I can just relax and doodle my own stuff. Since there are no plans tonight, I'm going to ink the second half of this lesson currently left on my to-do list and be as speedy as possible to assemble, letter and send it off tomrrow hopefully a little after noontime. Now to try and be productive the rest of this evening.

*puts on headphones and turn up itunes for work mode*
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