August 26th, 2007


Gonna hate myself in the mornin'

I was going to work yesterday but the rest of me wanted at least 1 day to just relax. So yesterday I did my laundry, went along with my sister and brother in-law to see the Simpsons movie (it was really an excuse to avoid the 90 degree heat outside), had an Indian lunch at Whole Foods and did some grocery shopping. I bought a little sample of fresh made peanut butter at WF and I had some with breakfast today, it was damn good! Also sis, took me to Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket nearby. I picked up the produce to make finally make dumplings this week and I bought myself a bento box. It's nothing fancy or cute, it's practical. I was tempted to get the little accessories like sauce containers, mini picks/skewers and paper cups but decided not to till packing a lunch to go would be more common place for me. I'm gonna be going out of town for Labor day weekend and hopping on a rather early flight so I think I'm gonna prep my first bento then so I'll have food when I get to the airport. :D

Anyway because of yesterday's break and today I'm slow to catch up (procrasting all day) and still very much want to finish what I originally scheduled myself to do. I'm staying up as long as I need to to finish coloring one more lesson, minor fixes for 2 other lessons and upload them before clean up time for the server on Monday at 3pm. I know I can (famous last words). I'm gonna call up a pizza in an hour along with a bottle of soda. No sleeping till work is finished.
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