September 18th, 2007


Recession Special rocks

Went to the city today for a casual job interview and I'm both glad and half cursed myself for nothing getting lunch beforehand. My stomach was growling at me (luckily rather quietly) all through it. The good thing was that turns out there's a Gray Papaya across the subway station. Of my 5 years in NYC, I'm little ashamed to say that I haven't had a Papaya dog till now. I know that they had recently upped the prices but ya know, I'm still not gonna complain. It was worth $3.50 for their recession special. Considering that this month, not only I had done a much needed overhaul with my wardrobe (it's been about a year) from shoes, shirts, unmentionables to new socks, I've been paying for domain transfers and hosting fees too. I've been feeling my credit card cringe and weep when I had to pull it out of my wallet.