September 30th, 2007


My kingdom for a Tylenol-cold

Crap it's always the same, this project is finally on the verge of wrapping up next week and yesterday I caught a cold thanks to my immune system letting its guard down.

I thought I needed to throttle my friend Adam because he said he was getting over a 2-week cold when I met up with him yesterday. But he said it couldn't since it's virtually gone by the time we hung out, regardless if some idiot sneezed or coughed around me without my knowledge when we were in the city...I'm a little miserable with only one side of my nose being congested. ARG! But it was cool to hang out with Adam again, we haven't got to hang out for the last 3 years due to bad timing of college winter breaks. FYI, Adam's a buddy of mine from high school. He's moved to Queens about 3 months ago after graduating so it's a nice surprise. I need to contact Lily to see has she returned from Hong Kong so all three of us can meet up for tea or something.

Spending a day with an old friend and catching up was the good part of this weekend. The other is half n' half. My klunky but trusty 1st Generation 5G ipod had a seizure all Saturday. Considering that I had this thing since I started college, it looks like it's finally gonna be dying on me any day now as a music player and possibly also as my portable hard drive. I needed to get a replacement before it actually craps out on me. It's a sudden decision but after lunch, Adam and I went to Tekserve and bought a new ipod (sob there goes part of my paycheck). The people at store were surprised to hear that I've been using the 1st Gen all this time and it's only now that it's going nuts on me. I came home to back up my files from my old ipod and lo and behold, it realized that it's getting replaced and started working again after ejecting it from my laptop. well at least I know at the very least it still can be a portable drive so pretty soon I'm gonna wipe clean the music out of it and be a slave drive (I'll still back up my stuff into discs). Now I have a sleek and sexy silver 80G ipod classic which I named Buddy. I stopped myself from giving it a derogatory name like Precious, Shnookums or was tempting but I figure to give it a safe name would be good in the long run.

Well looks like my meds are kicking in soon. Gonna go turn in early for some extra hours of sleep.
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