October 26th, 2007


Taking a trip down Sesame Street

Last evening was a wonderful night of nostalgia. I went to a screening to celebrate the second Sesame Street Old School DVD box set complete with reception and panel discussion. So there were all of us, full grown adults and 2 kids socializing with glasses of big bird-tinis and oscar-tinis (both non-alcoholic) and horde'vours of mini burgers and hot dogs. When it was time for the screening, before entering the theatre, they provided little bags of popcorn awwww, it's so being like a kid again. I sat in the second row and lo and behold, Big Bird came up on stage to say hi and stuff before getting the clip rolling. I think every single one of us in that room had to resist the same urge to just run up and give him a big hug. The screening was great, the whole room was laughing along with the famous clips like Muppet News flash: Jack be Nimble, Disco Grover and Roosvelt Elementary school and bobbing our heads to the show's intro and of course the pinball number animation.

The panel of Sesame alumni were of Bob Mcgrath (Bob), Roscoe Orman (Gordon), Fran Brill + Prairie Dawn and Carol Spinney + Oscar the grouch. They talked about their favorite memories on the show and interjections of touching moments and silly things like; Oscar peeking from his can and called Paul Simon a shorty when he was walking by when the cameras weren't running. Apparently that's the most vividly funny memory for Bob. And of course, talking about Mr Hooper, Jim Henson and debunking that Cookie Monster is giving up cookies rumor.
When it was time to leave, though I didn't have my camera, one of the people I was chatting and sitting with did and snapped me a photo of me with Oscar and Carol. I got the photo in my inbox this morning. A triumph! I got to meet a living muppet legend and hugged Oscar the Grouch. I couldn't take a pic with Fran and Prairie since she was a little inward on the stage and quite occupied. To top it all off, I got a complimentary copy of the DVD box set when leaving the theatre. Joygasm! I went home a happy sesame street kid.

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