October 29th, 2007



This morning I decided to redye my bangs red again. Last week I couldn't find the the Fudge hair dye at Ricky's so I went for Manic Panic as my old back up. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember at the time which red did I use from them before. The swatches didn't help since they were starting to look the same. So I grabbed Wild Fire..needless to say it was the wrong red. It's a really reddish pink. So now I have bright pink bangs. Looks like I need to stop at a Ricky's today before class and find a new dye to remedy this. I don't mind it being pink when it's due to the inevitable fading of washing dyed hair over time but not like this. Least the kids in class today might get a kick out of this. *shrugs*

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    Devil or Angel - Bobby Vee