January 14th, 2008



Just last week I finally went ahead to get a monthly bus pass and an unlimited metrocard. Just the past couple weeks, two part-time positions that I thought just fell through even after an interview back in Oct/Nov came a-callin'. I'm very close to say that I'm a full-time part-timer. Great to know I'm getting more teaching work but I wish I can say the same on the freelance front. The last couple ones either fell through or I felt it's sketchy. Oh well, just gotta keep working on it.

Since I now need to rise early, goes without saying that I want to get to bed earlier. My mid-lower back is sore from a rather strenuous but very fun Sunday, which didn't help that urge to collapse straight to bed once I arrive back home. :P I took a hot bubble bath to soothe it a bit and wash away that NYC grimy feel but of course I'm still sore.
Looks like I should pop an Advil so I can sleep better. Last night was screwed up. It was like a warped CSI episode that at times you're part of the staff while at the same time you're in the place of the victim and knowing their pain/horror when they were murdered in some strange manner. I'm amazed I didn't bolt up in a cold sweat..I half-gladly woke up to my 6am alarm though.

Go fig.
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