March 29th, 2008


Back home

Yeah I know, lack up posting. But either way, I just came back yesterday from a 2 week trip back to Hong Kong. Before that I had a cold that lasted for nearly 2 months. In HK I had spent time with my family, got very well fed by both parents, got a lot rest and relaxation, celebrated my mom's birthday before I left and lastly, I helped my dad find a new kitten to take home.

Meet Polly, a scottish fold about 8 weeks old. Pardon if she looks squinty/sad, she just woke up from an afternoon nap and putting up a struggle with 3 other (little bigger) kittens in her cage for the water bowl. She's so small and such a sweetheart.

At this moment, I have a headache and hope to not fall into jetlag this afternoon.
laters. I hope to have more pictures of Polly soon!