May 28th, 2008


2 cons on the same weekend? Inconceivable!

OMGOMGOMG! It's less than 2 weeks till MoCCA and Big Apple Con! Gotta have stuff drawn in time!

MoCCA : I will be there for a few hours on Saturday dropping off/trading hopefully a new mini comic and seeing people that I haven't seen since last MoCCA and NYCC. I haven't yet figured around what time, probably in the early hours.

Big Apple Con: I got a table so I'll be planting myself there the majority of the weekend. I'll be at MoCCA for a bit as mentioned above but I'll be devoting my time to this con this year.

If you're going, do please stop by, say hi and see what I have. I'll be taking commissions, but being comic con, I won't be doing badges. Just good 'ol sheets of bristol and sketchbooks. :D
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