June 9th, 2008


Apples and Coffee

HOKAY This past weekend of cons was unexpected in ways.

Firstly, the sudden humid hot weather was not pleasing. I felt the need to shower and change clothes every time I return from the outdoors to rid of that sticky, sweaty feeling, which happened. Lots of moisturizer helped.

Anyway Big Apple was quite the dud. And it wasn't just me, it was EVERYBODY who was working the artist alley, rookies, con favorites and seasoned pros alike were bored out of their minds due to the disappointing traffic of attendees. The spot that I was placed at had an up and down side. Though I was seated with my friends, the table in front of me has a TV that played a 10 minute loop of a B-movie that was of a really corny spoof on the concept of super heroes. From what I saw, it was tasteless and disturbing. And the music! My friend Ted, who shared the other half of my table, got that song ingrained in his head. We're just glad we don't ever hear that annoying song ever again. Oh and the table was (wo)manned by two rather attractive party girls who one was pretty reserved in most cases while the other, was flirting and hitting on virtually every other man in the artist alley. Aside from that, the table next to me seated seasoned pro, Joe Staton. I was introduced to him later on the first day and he was just a pleasure to hang out with and just a sweetheart of a gentleman. When he was told that I submitted to Archie recently, he asked to see them if I could bring them the next day. :D

Anyway, Saturday was so slow that me and one of my other friends who was working there too decided to just head back to Jersey early and get some dinner. Sunday was just dead. I spent up till almost 1pm since arriving on Sunday just talking to friends, getting introduced to other seasoned artists and engulfed in the 2 issues of a comic from the 1970's known as E-man. After that Joe and I took a cab down to MoCCA. He was one of the guests this year. Not long after settling and mingling at the lively Puck Building, fire engines arrived and the whole show had to evacuate. Just before that, I was on the 7th floor to browse and was chatting with Joe so we ended up evacuating at the same time and mingled with my SVA posse when walked to the alley for shade. We were wondering whether the people at Big Apple knew what went on so he called one of his artist friends who was working there. His friend immediately picking up the phone and one of the first things he said was "I'M SO BORED!" just showed that nothing changed since we left.

Either way, about maybe 30 mins later, everyone was allowed back inside. Everything went smoothly since and we all had a great time. When closing time came, staff members hollered over the rooms informing that it's raining outside, so pack your paper stuff accordingly! Luckily that it stopped by the time me and rest of the SVA gang got outside. We all walked over to Chinatown for Vietnamese before parting ways. Mmmm Pho Tai and iced coffee :D

In the end, I made a whopping $6 but I got some exposure, made some contacts, met and hung out with friends old and new. I still had a good time in other ways :-)

In the matters of my art stuff. I managed to pencil all the 20 page of comic but was already Friday when I did so I didn't bother rush-inking. Least I have them all penciled and I'll definitely have a new mini ready for my next show!