June 13th, 2008


A sudden (silly) urge

For the past couple weeks, there's this mental itch that I really want to scratch but every time I come close, logic gets in the way. I feel silly even to make a post about it but whatever.

I wanna make cupcakes sooooo bad! Just whipping up little chiffon cakes with light buttercream frosting piped on top with sprinkles has taken over my brain. Skimming through my new cupcake recipes book and then as if the powers of nature, Alton brown recently had a Good Eats episode devoted to cupcakes! Even if I do make them, I can't (and shouldn't try) eat them all...sigh. Wish my friends still lived in the apartment that's a short stroll from home. Least I can drop some off with them.

Arrgggg!!!! Any baked good I make brings the problem of who's gonna help me eat this?