December 19th, 2008


Red Herring

When I fly back to HK this holiday and see Christine, she dies.

Lemme back track. note* this is a trivial post

I checked my inbox this morning and that one of my childhood buddies, Lily sent me an email. Mind you, last I checked, she was somewhere past Russia during her gypsy traveling. The subject was "I'm gonna kill you"...inside was a message accusing me of doing something that totally embarrassed her. I replied asking just what exactly am I being accused of.

Apparently, in our high school's alumni magazine, there's a photo of her from last year's halloween at Lilly Coogan's, elven costume and all. Now I understood why she could've deducted that I submitted that to the magazine, since I was the only other person who was at the party at that time who went to our school. HOWEVER I didn't take any photos us at the party, not to mention I haven't seen any recent issues or dealt with the alumni community personally. Christine is a distant cousin of mine who was visiting NY and was staying with me. She's older than me but she did go to the same high school for a brief moment. I put two and two together and replied to Lily that I was falsely accused and asked with dread whether the magazine had any photos of me in my red riding hood costume.

I just read her reply. She apologizes and yes there was a photo of me too. *groan*

To summarize, neither of us are pissed beyond belief with each other. She feels a wave of embarrassment and surprise to find herself in the magazine for all to see. I feel offended that she thought I went off the deep end and would post such photos. All is good but I'm feeling that wave of embarrassment, now knowing I'm in there too. Yeah, it's not like I didn't like the school but, I would never do such a thing to myself and especially to my friends when we rather not want the people who looked down on us and whatever to remember us or get an impression after all these years. It's none of their damn business.
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