January 4th, 2009



I'm back in the US of A since Thursday. I've been dazed and slept a LOT. Like force myself to stay in bed and try and go to sleep again and again after the "little naps" I fell into on the couch.

Going back to Hong Kong for 10 days was great. I had a great time with my family, ate great food (both from new and old places), played with dad's new cat, and generally had a relaxing time. The worst part of my trip is of course the flying. Cathy Pacific's new seats are terrible! When you want to recline, the back doesn't go back, instead the seat slides forward so you end up in a slouching position. Needless to say my lower back and neck are still sore.

So what's my 2009 resolutions?

1. Join the the gym (more than likely the YMCA again), get back in my nutritionist diet and lose about 20 lbs. And this year, I received rather chocolaty christmas gifts too...Effie got me a little gold box of Godiva and Ian got me 2 sets of delectable truffles from Choxie. GAHH! whimper

2. Get my webcomic and online business up by the spring.

Okay I updated, now to make some breakfast and get my day started.
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