January 28th, 2009


workplace paranoia

Boss needed to stay at home. Daycare closed due to weather and can't leave the munchkin home alone. So I'm filling in again. And not long after I arrived, I pulled a newbie that got my nerves all rattled. Luckily when she called about a file, I told her and she said it's not a big deal and told me what to do. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the graphics people.

Now I'm burning archive DVDs and I think due to that mishap, I'm doing the silly way. But I rather not somehow overwrite the actual archive DVD with a blank one. that will really freak me out. So better safe than sorry...and really it's a little slow right now it'll keep me occupied for the day.

and I just realized it's past one. time to get my bentobox out.
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