February 16th, 2009


Love is evol

V-day this year for me was sitting at home all weekend alone, with a cold. Ugh no fun. It was sweet that I got text messages from people wishing me a happy hearts & candy day though. It was sweet but at the same time it felt...I dunno at odds. I appreciated that friends were thinking of me but I wasn't celebrating whatsoever. go figure.

On the upside, I penciled/laid out up a good number of pages. 2 for the webcomic backlog and about 5 for the webcam comic (3 more to go!) I dunno what's up, but who knew that being sick on Valentine weekend, the 5 pages of smut I drew turned out pretty good. My guess is because my cold and the white noise of the America's Next Top Model marathon (IT WAS THE ONLY THING ON ALL DAY! shut up) just let me draw without tension. I did end the night on a funny note when I was channel surfing and caught the last half hour of Christ Titus' Love is Evol performance. Hey I was kinda medicated and bitter/bored that it worked for me.

I'm just gonna take this night nice and easy. I took a really hot shower and just chilling before I turn in and go to work tomorrow.