March 24th, 2009


Getting the ball rolling

Did a lot of walking today, finally joined a gym that's walking distance/and local bus route, got my eyebrows waxed, picked up a couple things for dinner and bought a gym bag. I'm happy that today I got these things over and done with and felt good taking that stroll down and along the strip. I'm rather determined now to slim back down and in general be back in shape. It's a little embarrassing that I got a little winded from walking up the steep street back home.

In other news, I've drawn up a good backlog for House of LSD so its predicted debut online is looking quite positive. Also my 20-page adult comic has finally been drawn and in the process of getting digitally grayscaled/hand lettered.

At the office front, it's been ok. At one point I've been just making blunder after blunder that recently I even dreamt that I got laid off. So I've been keeping myself on my toes and things seem to be fine so far. Let's hope this keeps up.

On a totally random note, I've graduated from cappuccino to espresso finally (and enjoying it!) I remember taking a sip of my little brother's about a year ago and couldn't take it. But now I'm a contender. And yeah I made a double shot this morning and still going strong. OKAY now to make a small early dinner and back to the photoshop grindstone.
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