April 13th, 2009



I'm spent.

I ended up staying about 1 hour 45 min past my usual time at the office. My boss had to cancel her days off last friday and today since things are rather haywire (aka FUCKING LATE!) She had to bring in her kid over and let's just say that this 3-year old munchkin is a real handful. I spent about...80-90% of the day watching over him and in the back of my mind, I was grateful he was giving me a bit of a work out... not bad for tailing him all over the office while he rides his scooter, giving him piggy back rides and oh yeah, picking him up and throwing him in the air (higher!) I did feel like I was back in my old job. So all in all, I helped out my boss with getting things delivered, picked up and baby sitting the kid so she can get some work done. Not exactly part of the list of responsibilities when I applied but least the kid is a lot more comfortable around me this second time he showed up. :P I would say that despite that I knew that she'd need me to stay on a bit longer, I couldn't wait to get out!

When I did, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner at Les Halles. I know a couple of you are wondering did I get my froi gras or at least a dessert, nope. Much as I'd like to, I'm watching my calories. Instead I came home, took a quick shower and had a bowl of sliced cantalope. And I found episodes of What's Michael and Mr. Ajikko on youtube that me nostalgic. Sadly I'd post a clip of each but these anime have no fansubs and only if you understand Cantonese, they would make any sense. What's Michael is all about cute kitties and doggies antics and how it tends to give the humans a heart attack. Mr. Ajikko...the granddaddy of cooking animes! I would (try) to watch these two cartoons every Sunday morning in the late 80's and early 90's.
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