April 14th, 2009


Make it sparkly

it's a rush but I'm working on illustration samples for product advertising/storyboards (?) Got some misc images but my cousin, who forwarded me the notice about this opportunity asked me to also do something that shows whether I have any sense of fashion advertising/packaging. Since the company in questions is Tiffany & Co, she suggested to make them jewels sparkle and show it off. I'm doing my best over here in less than 24 hours on concept. I'll pretty much be bringing in some tracing vellum to work with me to make the clean pencil lines. I hope the office is gonna be rather slow so I can get it all ready for me to scan, color and assemble once I get home. I want to finish this ASAP enough that position hasn't been filled yet.

Oh and since it is good to do product research... it wasn't a good idea to stare at the Tiffany's website with too much concentration. I found some awesome pieces for reference but I couldn't help but go "Oooh such pretty sparklies!" at a lot of them. (sigh)
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