April 17th, 2009


gym blues

Ah k, since joining the gym, I've been trying to be good about it. I spend about 1 hour-1 hr 15 (not including locker room time) doing toning exercises and cardio. I weighted myself on thursday and was perplexed that I seemed to have gained 4 pounds since my weigh-in on day one with the trainer. BUT at the same time my shirts have been fitting better. Chatted with crazylobo for the bit that night about it. he said more than likely, it's the muscle I've gained and I'm not burning my excess fat as quick. XP I mean I could tell that my arms, legs and abs feel firmer but it's kinda moot if there's a layer of cushion hiding it.

So looks like I'll need to add on more cardio time one way or another. I'll add another 30 mins of cardio on my regular days and on days I go to the office, 1 hour or so of cardio after work.

It's feeling rather intimidating seeing the majority of the women there looking so great and I'm just... eh. SO annoying that my waist area is the last to slim down.
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Posting my recent illustrations into site tomorrow that are more commercial than comics. I've mentioned I was working on some earlier this week and yesterday I finished the last one which is a Tiffany & Co. theme.