April 28th, 2009


slacking and weight conscious

Man I feel like I could've done so much more today like clean up the bathroom, kitchen and the floor. Must be the heat wave that's slowing me down. I get up in the morning to get to the gym (went fine as usual) and once I get home, I feel a little...eh.

I finished coloring a commission which is good but I didn't get much progress on my comics. I really need to step it up and get more pages done. Also I felt over the weekend and today, I kinda slipped with my eating habits but luckily I'm still keeping up with the exercising and hopefully my hours of cardio this week will keep the calories from doing too much damage...just have to make sure I take less calories and carbs for the next few days to balance things out.

Thursday's my last complimentary session with my trainer, I hope I don't disappoint with the evaluation at the end. I've been keeping my routine AND even tacked on more cardio time since last week. I'll be hell frustrated with myself if I didn't make any good progress.
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