July 5th, 2009


art zone

Wow, my art touch is a little rusty. The last couple nights I've been doing some sketching/doodling to warm up and spent post July 4th sleeping in and thumb-nailed 5 pages of HofLSD. I was in a bit of a rut figuring out a few things like the dialogue and moving the story along. I would've done more thumbnails if it weren't for that hurdle, but I'm over it and it shouldn't be too bad for the next few thumbnails.

I'd really like to just sit down and have a couple of live models pose for me so I can practice my life drawing/anatomy. No full mirror anymore makes it a bitch to even do a split-second reference. Whatever, my hand will get back into as long as I sketch/practice every night. Also back into the gym tomorrow since my boss will be back from vacation.
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