kaijupenguin (kaijupenguin) wrote,

reach for the Haagen Daaz

My boss has returned from her vacation. (yay) And I didn't screw anything up that was dire. I realized I miscounted the pagecount but it didn't really matter since she redid it anyway before the booksize meeting.

By Wednesday afternoon, like clockwork I wanted to double over from that dreaded time of the month. My boss gave me a spare hershey bar to get ease the cravings while I bombed myself with Advil. And stubbornly after work, I still went to the gym. When I got home, I was so glad that I still had that pint of Haagen Daaz ice-cream for a few spoons. I really really hope they make the limited edition dark chocolate part of the regular line up. They'll never have some of the fantastic flavors that London and Asia gets. I shake my fist at dad for getting me hooked on HD's Belgian chocolate (dark chocolate ice cream with dk chocolate shavings) when I was home last! grrr

I want it to be Friday afternoon already!
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