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Man I really wished I could've pull a summer friday today. But my boss called in saying she wasn't coming in so I had to take over for the day. The place was rather deserted by 3pm but I had to stay in case I there's something that needs routing or any art for processing. NOPE! By 4:30 I decided to take off after a bathroom break and seeing that every main editor and director already left for the weekend!

Thumbnailed a few pages at work. Will be drawing those up this weekend and re-thumbnail my submission pages before getting out the bristol. Oh yeah and grayshading over a dozen pages. My eyes are gonna hate me for the intense staring at Photoshop.

Right now I'm debating should I make bulgogi stir-fried with zucchini or have last night's meatloaf with steamed veg for dinner.

Why have I been so tired lately? I oughta turn in earlier tonight, gym time tomorrow.

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