kaijupenguin (kaijupenguin) wrote,

I'm not dead

Got quite a bit of things to do. And will be doing a lot of it while overseas...It'll be just a change of scenery and more Chinese food.

I'm flying out for Hong Kong next monday to spend Thanksgiving and see my folks. While gone, the following should ensue after jetlag.

- Take care of my Chinese food cravings. (that's what every sibling does when we get home)
- Use dad's treadmill to keep the poundage at bay
- Do my concept design work
- Redesign website
- Sketch out some commercial art samples
- Draw more comic backlog
- Work on Christmas cards
- Bake mom a Chiffon cake (maybe do afternoon tea)
- more job hunting.

Looking forward to tonight, meet up with SVA peeps for dinner. :D
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