kaijupenguin (kaijupenguin) wrote,

Big Apple Con - in a nutshell

This past weekend I went to the Big Apple Con and it was a blast! It was first for me in many ways. Firstly it's my first comic book convention *SHOCK* I got to meet and show my portfolio to a few artists and companies, reactions have been pleasant. I think the majority of the time, I was a blushing like crazy because of it. The people I was introduced to were so nice, supportive and the artists are ultra talented that I couldn't hold a candle to them. While I was there, I did sketch up some stuff with Marvel/DC characters and it was surprisingly a refreshing change. Since I was manning a table for a friend on Sunday, I was told that it was courtesy to give a drawing to the artist alley director. I met Al, the director the day before and I was more than happy to draw something for him. So I drew a picture of Harley Quinn for him. :D

Another big highlight was that I met up with Dan at the con and by surprise, I bumped into Jeanette. I haven't seen them both since MoCCA so I was giddy like a schoolgirl. Dan had a hard time following me since I was nimbly weaving through crowds like a demented pixie.

Anyway, I'm so going back to the next show, I met a good deal of wonderful people and I hope to meet more. And if I had money, I would like to buy a couple of original pieces or pages....one day.
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