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New comic + life update

New Stuff

Adding to my collection of food based comics.......A Tale of Two Cookies (4 pages)!

My life

It's being a rather cookie- filled couple weeks. Not only did coincidentally I drew a comic involving this quick cake, I've started baking a fair amount as Christmas gifts, and I still have a few more batches to go before I can stop. Luckily I've been very good and only snagged 2 little ones to check for whether I gave enough cooking time to them.

Being that the holidays approaching and I admitting that I've gained a little pudge during the latter of this year from not eating as healthy and lack of a regular cardio work out....oh also that my mother's been asking about my health lately and today my jeans felt a little tight; not enough to produce the unflattering muffin tops but enough to be uncomfortable. Problem is being solved for I finally found a NYSC that's easy to get to locally! I was worried that I'd have to go all the way into the city just for a couple hours of exercise if I felt the urge to.
Adding to it, I'm trying to get back to having more servings of greens/fruits everyday. Started a few days ago when I finally went grocery shopping just when they restocked with fresh produce. JOY!

It's time to get back into a healthier lifestyle and work habits. I dragged my feet on producing new art and stuff this year, t'was a miserable performance. :P
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