middle of the nights

I dunno what's the deal but for the past few weeks, I get around 7-8 hours of sleep every night. That doesn't sound much of a problem, in fact it's pretty good. Problem is that I've been having the tendency to get wake up 2-3 times during the night, check my clock and get back to sleep. I dunno what's up with me but one of two thoughts tend to emerge while I'm in dreamland..."You DID set your alarm right?" or "gee I feel like I've been sleeping forever, I should get up". The latter makes me feel like when you're on those 15+ hour international flights, which you'd pass out in the beginning of it, and somehow feeling you've probably slept through a huge chunk of it, you get up and realized that it's only been a couple hours!
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New gig

I got hired officially yesterday for a 3-week (or so) freelance gig to do some illos for medical product instruction booklets. Yeah it doesn't sound thrilling but I'm REALLY happy about it! Firstly, it's a company that I had enjoyed working with and its location's really easy for me to get to. The bonus is I get to use that gigantic wacom monitor they have! It's great that I can use Illustrator's pen tool really freehand when I make the vector images if needed.

They and my boss over at my internship was flexible and talk about good timing! While waiting for the gig's confirmation, my boss remembered to discuss with me about her summer vacation plans and we needed to juggle some of my days around so I can be at the office every day she isn't. I was told to take a day out of a few weeks off and make them up during her trip. SO now, my client is happy to hear that I'll be at their studio for 3 consecutive days every week of the freelancing and my boss got her bases covered and things are dandy on this note.
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slacking and weight conscious

Man I feel like I could've done so much more today like clean up the bathroom, kitchen and the floor. Must be the heat wave that's slowing me down. I get up in the morning to get to the gym (went fine as usual) and once I get home, I feel a

I finished coloring a commission which is good but I didn't get much progress on my comics. I really need to step it up and get more pages done. Also I felt over the weekend and today, I kinda slipped with my eating habits but luckily I'm still keeping up with the exercising and hopefully my hours of cardio this week will keep the calories from doing too much damage...just have to make sure I take less calories and carbs for the next few days to balance things out.

Thursday's my last complimentary session with my trainer, I hope I don't disappoint with the evaluation at the end. I've been keeping my routine AND even tacked on more cardio time since last week. I'll be hell frustrated with myself if I didn't make any good progress.
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Posting my recent illustrations into site tomorrow that are more commercial than comics. I've mentioned I was working on some earlier this week and yesterday I finished the last one which is a Tiffany & Co. theme.


gym blues

Ah k, since joining the gym, I've been trying to be good about it. I spend about 1 hour-1 hr 15 (not including locker room time) doing toning exercises and cardio. I weighted myself on thursday and was perplexed that I seemed to have gained 4 pounds since my weigh-in on day one with the trainer. BUT at the same time my shirts have been fitting better. Chatted with crazylobo for the bit that night about it. he said more than likely, it's the muscle I've gained and I'm not burning my excess fat as quick. XP I mean I could tell that my arms, legs and abs feel firmer but it's kinda moot if there's a layer of cushion hiding it.

So looks like I'll need to add on more cardio time one way or another. I'll add another 30 mins of cardio on my regular days and on days I go to the office, 1 hour or so of cardio after work.

It's feeling rather intimidating seeing the majority of the women there looking so great and I'm just... eh. SO annoying that my waist area is the last to slim down.
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Make it sparkly

it's a rush but I'm working on illustration samples for product advertising/storyboards (?) Got some misc images but my cousin, who forwarded me the notice about this opportunity asked me to also do something that shows whether I have any sense of fashion advertising/packaging. Since the company in questions is Tiffany & Co, she suggested to make them jewels sparkle and show it off. I'm doing my best over here in less than 24 hours on concept. I'll pretty much be bringing in some tracing vellum to work with me to make the clean pencil lines. I hope the office is gonna be rather slow so I can get it all ready for me to scan, color and assemble once I get home. I want to finish this ASAP enough that position hasn't been filled yet.

Oh and since it is good to do product research... it wasn't a good idea to stare at the Tiffany's website with too much concentration. I found some awesome pieces for reference but I couldn't help but go "Oooh such pretty sparklies!" at a lot of them. (sigh)
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I'm spent.

I ended up staying about 1 hour 45 min past my usual time at the office. My boss had to cancel her days off last friday and today since things are rather haywire (aka FUCKING LATE!) She had to bring in her kid over and let's just say that this 3-year old munchkin is a real handful. I spent about...80-90% of the day watching over him and in the back of my mind, I was grateful he was giving me a bit of a work out... not bad for tailing him all over the office while he rides his scooter, giving him piggy back rides and oh yeah, picking him up and throwing him in the air (higher!) I did feel like I was back in my old job. So all in all, I helped out my boss with getting things delivered, picked up and baby sitting the kid so she can get some work done. Not exactly part of the list of responsibilities when I applied but least the kid is a lot more comfortable around me this second time he showed up. :P I would say that despite that I knew that she'd need me to stay on a bit longer, I couldn't wait to get out!

When I did, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner at Les Halles. I know a couple of you are wondering did I get my froi gras or at least a dessert, nope. Much as I'd like to, I'm watching my calories. Instead I came home, took a quick shower and had a bowl of sliced cantalope. And I found episodes of What's Michael and Mr. Ajikko on youtube that me nostalgic. Sadly I'd post a clip of each but these anime have no fansubs and only if you understand Cantonese, they would make any sense. What's Michael is all about cute kitties and doggies antics and how it tends to give the humans a heart attack. Mr. Ajikko...the granddaddy of cooking animes! I would (try) to watch these two cartoons every Sunday morning in the late 80's and early 90's.
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The Eleventh Hour

Till my web comic, House of LSD returns online after sitting through years of lying dormant. One thing off my check list. It'll be double helpings on its first week. Starting tomorrow (Monday) and updating again on Friday!

Oh and Happy Easter!

The good kind of hurt

My arms and parts of my torso is sore. But it's not as bad as last week. Finally learning how to use those machines at the gym. :P

Today's current weather is crappy crap! Lucky for me, every day off so far is really nice, and comfortable walking to the gym and stroll about after wards.
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3rd one already?!

I got a cold again?! This time is thanks to my boss. It went full speed within hours of standing next to her. I'm not sneezing as often but I'm very very stuffed up. Actually I'm not sure is this a combination of cold and a dust allergy or what. But I'm very pissed off with my immune system. I miss being able breathe dammit!
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