Getting the ball rolling

Did a lot of walking today, finally joined a gym that's walking distance/and local bus route, got my eyebrows waxed, picked up a couple things for dinner and bought a gym bag. I'm happy that today I got these things over and done with and felt good taking that stroll down and along the strip. I'm rather determined now to slim back down and in general be back in shape. It's a little embarrassing that I got a little winded from walking up the steep street back home.

In other news, I've drawn up a good backlog for House of LSD so its predicted debut online is looking quite positive. Also my 20-page adult comic has finally been drawn and in the process of getting digitally grayscaled/hand lettered.

At the office front, it's been ok. At one point I've been just making blunder after blunder that recently I even dreamt that I got laid off. So I've been keeping myself on my toes and things seem to be fine so far. Let's hope this keeps up.

On a totally random note, I've graduated from cappuccino to espresso finally (and enjoying it!) I remember taking a sip of my little brother's about a year ago and couldn't take it. But now I'm a contender. And yeah I made a double shot this morning and still going strong. OKAY now to make a small early dinner and back to the photoshop grindstone.
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Love is evol

V-day this year for me was sitting at home all weekend alone, with a cold. Ugh no fun. It was sweet that I got text messages from people wishing me a happy hearts & candy day though. It was sweet but at the same time it felt...I dunno at odds. I appreciated that friends were thinking of me but I wasn't celebrating whatsoever. go figure.

On the upside, I penciled/laid out up a good number of pages. 2 for the webcomic backlog and about 5 for the webcam comic (3 more to go!) I dunno what's up, but who knew that being sick on Valentine weekend, the 5 pages of smut I drew turned out pretty good. My guess is because my cold and the white noise of the America's Next Top Model marathon (IT WAS THE ONLY THING ON ALL DAY! shut up) just let me draw without tension. I did end the night on a funny note when I was channel surfing and caught the last half hour of Christ Titus' Love is Evol performance. Hey I was kinda medicated and bitter/bored that it worked for me.

I'm just gonna take this night nice and easy. I took a really hot shower and just chilling before I turn in and go to work tomorrow.

workplace paranoia

Boss needed to stay at home. Daycare closed due to weather and can't leave the munchkin home alone. So I'm filling in again. And not long after I arrived, I pulled a newbie that got my nerves all rattled. Luckily when she called about a file, I told her and she said it's not a big deal and told me what to do. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the graphics people.

Now I'm burning archive DVDs and I think due to that mishap, I'm doing the silly way. But I rather not somehow overwrite the actual archive DVD with a blank one. that will really freak me out. So better safe than sorry...and really it's a little slow right now it'll keep me occupied for the day.

and I just realized it's past one. time to get my bentobox out.
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Blue eyes?

I dunno why but I dreamt that I became the mom of a little baby boy and being as mommy as can be. Last thing I remember seeing was my POV looking into his really blue eyes and making him splutter with glee. Then I woke up feeling like the pic above. What the fuck was THAT ABOUT?! (And genetically speaking, I can't have kids with blue eyes in the first place.)

It threw me for a loop since it made me look...maternal. Sure, I do hope be married and have a couple kids but having a dream like this now? Shouldn't there be a wedding dream first? BAH
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I'm back in the US of A since Thursday. I've been dazed and slept a LOT. Like force myself to stay in bed and try and go to sleep again and again after the "little naps" I fell into on the couch.

Going back to Hong Kong for 10 days was great. I had a great time with my family, ate great food (both from new and old places), played with dad's new cat, and generally had a relaxing time. The worst part of my trip is of course the flying. Cathy Pacific's new seats are terrible! When you want to recline, the back doesn't go back, instead the seat slides forward so you end up in a slouching position. Needless to say my lower back and neck are still sore.

So what's my 2009 resolutions?

1. Join the the gym (more than likely the YMCA again), get back in my nutritionist diet and lose about 20 lbs. And this year, I received rather chocolaty christmas gifts too...Effie got me a little gold box of Godiva and Ian got me 2 sets of delectable truffles from Choxie. GAHH! whimper

2. Get my webcomic and online business up by the spring.

Okay I updated, now to make some breakfast and get my day started.
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Red Herring

When I fly back to HK this holiday and see Christine, she dies.

Lemme back track. note* this is a trivial post

I checked my inbox this morning and that one of my childhood buddies, Lily sent me an email. Mind you, last I checked, she was somewhere past Russia during her gypsy traveling. The subject was "I'm gonna kill you"...inside was a message accusing me of doing something that totally embarrassed her. I replied asking just what exactly am I being accused of.

Apparently, in our high school's alumni magazine, there's a photo of her from last year's halloween at Lilly Coogan's, elven costume and all. Now I understood why she could've deducted that I submitted that to the magazine, since I was the only other person who was at the party at that time who went to our school. HOWEVER I didn't take any photos us at the party, not to mention I haven't seen any recent issues or dealt with the alumni community personally. Christine is a distant cousin of mine who was visiting NY and was staying with me. She's older than me but she did go to the same high school for a brief moment. I put two and two together and replied to Lily that I was falsely accused and asked with dread whether the magazine had any photos of me in my red riding hood costume.

I just read her reply. She apologizes and yes there was a photo of me too. *groan*

To summarize, neither of us are pissed beyond belief with each other. She feels a wave of embarrassment and surprise to find herself in the magazine for all to see. I feel offended that she thought I went off the deep end and would post such photos. All is good but I'm feeling that wave of embarrassment, now knowing I'm in there too. Yeah, it's not like I didn't like the school but, I would never do such a thing to myself and especially to my friends when we rather not want the people who looked down on us and whatever to remember us or get an impression after all these years. It's none of their damn business.
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Office responsibilities

I'm currently a little bored and I wished I listened to myself this morning to bring my comic equipment to the office. I could really use the morning lull to pencil up a couple pages. For the record, I'm interning over at a publishing company for the past month. (I got laid off from my last job) I would say that I'm doing okay so far. When I started, I had no clue about who, where and what needs to be known around the place since my first day was the day before my boss was gonna go on vacation. Needless to say, she didn't get the opportunity to get me completely up to speed or to take things in.

SO on day 2 till halfway through the following week, I was on my own and unsupervised. But it wasn't all bad. It was a rather slow week so the IT guys, art dept and her bosses showed me the steps of getting stuff they need ready and moving along. Yeah I hit the ground running but I think it's good, it forces me to be alert. And things are relatively smooth when my boss returned.

Fast forward to today. I came into the office and one of the bosses told me that my boss is sick with a stomach flu so I'll be filling in. So yay..I actually have more responsibilities when I'm on my own. Guess it's a good sign.

Talk about Murphy's Law. I sit down to start typing this at 11:46 am. Then things start getting busy and I just finished and posting it at about...1:15pm. :P

NYAnimefest & New stuff

I'll be at the artist alley of NY AnimeFest this coming weekend over at the Jacob Javitz Center. I'll be armed with homemade goodies and cute art & pr0ns for sale. Stop on by if you're attending!

And these new bookmarks will be making their debut at the con:

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